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Victory Over Cancer

This book contains the unique knowledge of famous researchers, practiced and enriched by the author for decades. It eliminates the fear of having cancer and considers it as regular diseases like flu, measles and so on. This knowledge will give you the power to avoid and defeat this “terrible disease”. Update your body and spirit. Raise up your reserved nature forces up to the great level. Even if you have read dozens of books about health – value of this one will surprise you.

Legendary Healer

Dr. Boris Widoff

Dr. Boris Widoff – has more than 45 years of experience in research and practice of natural healing in Europe, Asia, the United States, and Russia. He is the author of five books on health, a healer, a master of alternative medicine, a professor of naturopathy, a psychotherapist, a nutrition psychologist, a specialist in medication, a lecturer and a member of the American Health Federation, a scientific researcher and consultant for various clinics in the US and Mexico.

Statistics With Which We Fight:

new cases of cancer will be diagnosed in the USa in 2018


of men and women will be diagnosed with cancer

people will die from the disease in 2018*

*according to the National Cancer Institute


Your best defense is knowledge!

This book is aimed to awake the consciousness and faith of Man in his own forces. 

– dr. wydoff

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